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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Why Leadership EDGE?

Leadership EDGE is a premier consulting firm that focuses on helping each client achieve excellence in alignment with their organizational goals.  We are leadership and school design experts.



 02  What is the EDGE approach?


We ENGAGE with each client to understand their organizational needs.


We DESIGN solutions for success that will help clients achieve their goals.


We GENERATE a plan of action to achieve excellence.


We EMPOWER excellence by facilitating customized services.



 0 Is there a consultation fee?

No, there is not a fee to discuss potential clients' needs.




 04  Are consultations held virtually or in-person

Consultations are mostly held virtually.  For clients in the Chicagoland area, consultations can be held in person upon request.




 05  Is there a maximum or minimum requirement for length of services?


No, clients can request a one-time session or a longer-term engagement.

 06  What is meant by customized services?


After exploring the needs of each client, a proposal is developed to detail how Leadership EDGE can provide services that will help the client reach their goal.

 07  What is the structure of the consulting services?


Leadership EDGE provides a variety of consulting approaches including workshops, individual and team coaching, leadership development, and speaking engagements

 08  What is program implementation support?


Leadership EDGE supports organizations with implementing curriculum, programs, and educational resources in schools.

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